Around every corner adventure awaits Martin Garrix. The #1 DJ in the world is always up to something, and this week fans can go behind-the-scenes with him and collaborator Khalid on The Martin Garrix Show.

Of course, their song and music video for “Ocean” came out months ago, but we guarantee you’ve never seen it play out like this. The superstar artists abandon the stage for a grungy, abandoned warehouse which transforms into their musical playground.

In the latest episode of The Martin Garrix show, Khalid reminisces on how they linked up in the first place. “I think someone tweeted about the idea of us collabing,” he says. “And I was like, hell yeah!”

“And then I followed,” Garrix remembers. “We were like, we need to f*cking make this happen.”

The two were beyond excited to work together — and as we can see here just as stoked to bring the music video for “Ocean” to life. Watch the new episode and the finished product below.

The Martin Garrix Show

Martin Garrix – “Ocean” feat. Khalid


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