Steve Aoki undoubtedly has one of the most talented and innovative family trees. Today, his niece YUMI unleashes her debut EP on his own Dim Mak, and it’s a nice change of pace.

Featured as TooGood‘s Artist of the Month, YUMI opens up about what it’s like having a superstar DJ/producer as an uncle. And, his involvement with her own music career. Although his fans have welcomed her unique sound with open arms, she says she feels she has to “work harder” to earn her place in the spotlight

“I think that because he’s so big in the industry, I feel like sometimes I have to work harder to prove myself, which can be difficult,” YUMI explains. “But I feel like so far it’s been really great, and everyone’s been very supportive. I haven’t had much hate about that yet. His fans are really loyal, and so they’re die-hard for me, too.”

“I showed him a few of my songs from this EP two years ago, and I was asking him for advice on what label I should submit to, and he was like, ‘Oh, you should put it out though Dim Mak,'” Yumi recalls. “I didn’t think that he would put me on his label, and I wasn’t expecting that from him. Every song that I’ve wanted to put out, he’s put it out through Dim Mak, and they’ve been so great and supportive. He shares all my stuff on social media and listens to all my songs. He’s the best.”

Listen to YUMI’s Ego Boost EP right here.

YUMI – Ego Boost EP


Source: TooGood