JOYRYDE’s debut album Brave was originally set for release on November 30, 2018. Unfortunately, three days before it was planned to release, JOYRYDE announced that the album had to be pushed back due to “mostly technical reasons.” It sucked at the time, but we as fans obviously didn’t want to rush anything that wasn’t 100% ready.

Now, finally, the album rollout is resuming and we couldn’t be more excited. However, we’re also a little confused. In the tweet announcing the rollout, JOYRYDE wrote, “im releasing the 1st track of album this month.”

Wait a second… wasn’t “AGEN WIDA” with Skrillex the first single? Not necessarily. Looking back at JOYRYDE’s announcement of the track, it could be misconstrued that way: “‪first this.. then my album ‘brave’ ‬ ‪november 30.”

It’s easy to interpret that as saying “AGEN WIDA” is the first single, but it doesn’t necessarily say that. Another interpretation of JOYRYDE’s new tweet is that he’s releasing the literal first track on the album. But it doesn’t say “on,” it says “of,” so that’s a stretch.

All that being said, this is just semantics and it doesn’t change the fact that we are getting new JOYRYDE music, which is something to be celebrated. So keep an eye out, and listen to “AGEN WIDA” again below.


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