J.Worra announced her debut release with dance label Thrive Music, titled “On The Run,” last week — and it’s out now. The track, co-written with Venessa Michaels, features the vocal stylings of Kaleena Zanders and will be J. Worra’s third original release in 2019 (“Like XO,” “Ride or Cry”).

Listening to the tune, I feel like the best way to describe it would be: if Nintendo did a re-release of the original Mario Bros. game with a gender swap so the plot of the game became Princess Peach and Princess Daisy battling their way through fuck boys and self-esteem bombs, this would be the song playing in the background of the game. I know that’s a bit nebulous and vague, but listen to the track, and I’m confident you’ll understand what I mean.

For more music from J.Worra and Kaleena follow them both on Spotify, and listen to “On The Run” below.