Rain or shine, Rolling Loud is going down, but not without some chaos.

The weather in Miami has been a huge factor this weekend, causing extended delays for many performances. Instead of waiting patiently for music, fans literally rushed the stage earlier today to make their own party (see below).

There was also a hijacking of a golf cart that took place, in which the driver pulled up straight through the crowd to get a prime spot for the next set. All of this is captured on video (see below).

Just yesterday, there was a “false alarm” at Rolling Loud, an apparent rumored shooting that sent attendees running from the grounds. Yikes.

Not only that, Kodak Black was arrested on Saturday for firearm charges.

Rolling Loud has clearly gotten out of hand. However, the music festival has done its best to keep to schedule. The updated time set times have been posted (again, see below).

Chaos @ Rolling Loud

Rolling Loud Updated Set Times