The Bonnaroo arch has become the festival’s most iconic imagery — having never attended Bonnaroo myself, the arch still represents the festival and conjures up thoughts of the event. However, moving forward, whatever arch or structure adorns the entry will not be the same arch that we’ve known.

@TheFestiveOwl was the first to share an image of something burning at the Bonnaroo farm. Even at such a distance, the shape of it made it pretty clear it was the arch.

Bonnaroo later cleared up the situation, stating, “This incarnation of the Bonnaroo Arch had significant structural issues and needed to be removed. The Arch has changed throughout the years, and we’re exited for its newest incarnation.”

Bonnaroo 2019 begins in three weeks, Jun 13 – Jun 16. The new arch will be unveiled as people enter the festival.


Photo via Lucas Gregg for Your EDM