Alesso taps into mixed emotions with his latest collaboration, “Sad Song” featuring TINI.

The song is a perfect blend of pop and dance — and strangely enough a happy, upbeat take on what poses itself as an otherwise sad song. TINI lays down a stellar vocal performance as Alesso provides the soundtrack. Driving dance layers mixed with sugary pop lyrics make for supreme satisfaction.

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Short and sweet, the track comes in at just over 2 minutes 30 seconds, but that’s all that Alesso and TINI seem to need to work the track to their advantage. It’s a quick and instant kind of obsession.

“Sad Song” has become a fast fan favorite. Just a quick scroll through Twitter will show you the kind of hype attached to this track.

Listen to “Sad Song” here and repeat.

Alesso – Sad Song (feat. TINI)


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