Iceland born, Netherlands based artist Áslaug has just been snapped up by V2 Records to release her new single. She has been hard at work developing her individual style and sound over the past couple of years and now presents the truly breath-taking ‘Take From Me.’

With barely there synth hints, simmering drums and her own completely authentic vocals, the singer/songwriter and producer has created something that stands out from the crowd. Áslaug explains how it got made, saying: “This song is the essence of who I am as an artist, both musically as well as lyrically. For the past few years I’ve grown into a person that I actually like. The process of writing this specific song has played a big part in that growth. To me, ‘Take From Me’ is about independence, about standing up for yourself, about being true to your own beliefs and about trusting your gut. It has been a long time coming, but I can’t wait for people to hear this one.”

Check it out here.