Global searches for Flume jumped 100% on Tuesday after a video of the Australian DJ/producer sticking his face in his girlfriend’s bum went viral. At Burning Man, such an act is hardly considered radical or strange — there are much odder things happening at the annual gathering in the makeshift city of Black Rock City, Nevada every year.

What prompted the act was an attendee holding up a sign that asked, “Does Flume even eat a**?” in the crowd. Now, Ambor Mercy, the woman who was holding the sign, has spoken out.

“It’s sad to me that people are making it out to be some crazy sex act when he just put his face in [the woman’s] bottom,” Mercy told the Daily Mail. “There was consent from her and she was wearing underwear so it’s not like he actually [performed the sex act] on stage. It was just in good Burning Man fun.”

Apparently, the sign had been used all week to write notes to DJs, not an entirely uncommon practice.

“We had initially written on the white board, ‘Do you think Flume eats a**’ as a joke,” she said. “We had a few flash lights that we were pointing towards it so he could read it.

“[Flume] gave us two thumbs up when we saw the sign so we wrote ‘Prove it.’ He did not disappoint and did it. We also got him to take off his shirt. It was all in good fun and everyone who was there to see him was loving it.”

Flume’s most recent shows have included an element of performance art.