Vaski took an extended hiatus after 2016, keeping releases to a minimum, but he’s proving he’s still here in 2019 with a batch of new releases. The latest is out last Friday, “Squad.”

You’ll probably notice the drastic shift in sound for Vaski, who used to regularly tour with dubstep acts like J.Rabbit, Excision, Terravita, and more. Bringing a more melodic sound to the forefront, old fans might experience some growing pains, but the quality is clearly there.

As Vaski states himself, “My original way of doing things, or ‘sound’ if you will, got a bit boring, monotonous, and stale to me. What I was originally so inspired by, started to feel like my first job, back when the hours would crawl by as a cashier. For a very long time I kept trying to make music like I did before, and It felt like I couldn’t get there, like I was weighed down, struggling to catch a break. At some point something in me snapped, I felt like a switch flipped. Within a few days I had written five songs, they seriously came out of nowhere, just poured out of me. I feel like I’ve tapped into a different side of myself, something new and very exciting.”

Check out “Squad” from Vaski below!