Just a couple weeks ago, 1788-L brought Blanke on stage at Red Rocks after the Aussie missed his shot at playing the legendary venue thanks to weather the night before. While on stage, they both premiered their own remixes of “Phoenix,” the League of Legends Worlds 2019 Anthem. Now, Blanke’s remix is here in all its glory.

Clearly, Blanke learned a lot from his collaboration with Illenium, “Gorgeous.” The influence can be heard throughout the remix for “Phoenix.” But, of course, Blanke brings his own unique character to the remix, as well.

It would be really hard at all to make a bad remix with the base of the original “Phoenix” in place, but Blanke truly does excel with this interpretation that blends emotional vocals and powerful instrumentation in one package.

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Check out his remix of “Phoenix” below and stay tuned for 1788-L’s remix, which should be coming soon!