Bassnectar has never made his disdain for the Republican party or Donald Trump, in particular, much of a secret. Back in 2017, he responded to an apparent assortment of April Fools posts claiming fake show announcements, “All these April Fools announcements of shows I’m playing are cute but not real. The only real one is I’ll play 4 free at trumps Impeachment.”

This after, House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump:

  1. Abuse of power tied to his demand that the Ukrainian president investigate a political rival.
  2. Obstructing Congress in its effort to investigate the behavior.

The news clearly gave Bassnectar reason for celebration as he tweeted out to his followers, “OH YES! Long deserved IMPEACHMENT of the most corrupt president in our history is INCOMING.

“So where should we do this free show? Hold his orange ass to the same fire u would have treated obama with & maybe then the republicans & fox news can see how it feels to be honest?”

Check out the tweet below and let us know in the comments where you’d like to see Bassnectar play this free show!