About Us

Throughout the past five years Your EDM has developed and established its online media property, YourEDM.com, as the most reputable, visited and recognized publication in the world of Electronic Dance Music. With over 8 million monthly visitors, YourEDM.com has continuously sought to deliver the most up to date, accurate and poignant news related to the EDM scene. Based out of Seattle, Washington with an ever-growing staff of journalists, photographers, and videographers from around the country YourEDM.com has been capable of creating and maintaining unparalleled coverage of this ever-growing industry. Below are the active members of our team. If you need to contact us, click on Contact.


Elliot Sachs

Founder & Engineer

Visit my personal site: here You can follow me on: Twitter: @SachsElliot | Instagram: ElliotSa

Nick Ward


C.F.O. of Your EDM and proud Seattleite! Follow me on twitter: @NickWard20

Matthew Meadow


Lover of all bass music. I'm not afraid to speak my mind and put it to paper, and I do it often. I call Los Angeles my home, there's no better place for emerging EDM. Get in touch with me more via email or Twitter.

Greg Sills

Label Director at Your EDM Records

Label Director @ Your EDM Records | Los Angeles, CA... music, space, and Korean BBQ Steak Tacos.


Chief Content & Social Media Manager

Champion of the common folk and partaker of Old Toby,

Ben Jacobs

Content Curator

Content Curator & Live Technical Director Resident Computer nerd. Find me in the Basements of NYC Nightclubs That play the Dubsteps. Email: [email protected]

Chris Wood

I was born and raised in a small town East of Sacramento up in Northern California but as of May 13'; reside in LA where I work for a recording studio in Glendale and write for this spot; the greatest EDM Site! I have a real passion for the EDM scene; I love watching it grow and seeing the times change! - Submit for a chance to be featured on Your EDM - Fresh Face Friday Connect with me - Chris W

Christina Kuhlmann

Just a music nomad traveling around the world capturing musical moments through my lens!

Diane Tamulavage

I say I'm from the City Of Brotherly Love, but really I'm from the suburbs. I graduated from a small liberal arts school you've never heard of (Go Mules) where I studied Media & Communications and Religion Studies. I like music with feeling, pretending to know how to shuffle, and trolling the internet. Tweet me: @DAT_assh

Georgia Modi

I work as the press coordinator, doing a lot of behind the scenes work here at Your EDM, as well as a ton of giveaways for our fans! You'll catch me photographing events around Chicago pretty often, too. [email protected]


Boring guy

From Vancouver, currently living in Calgary. I like to watch people swim while I eat. People should be allowed to sell illegal things to high school kids imo.

Miguel Tost

Music enthusiast would be an understatement. Miami born and raised, venturing to keep up with the artists and musicians that got me here. I am a big fan of all sorts of genres and the people making them. If you want the latest in music, I can help. Make sure to follow me @MiguelTost on Twitter and @superdupertoast on Instagram

Matthew Wolfe

My name is Matt and I like to get HYPHY! Electronic music is my life and I'm forever craving more bass. Are you similarly afflicted? We'll probably be best friends. I like to DJ in my spare time, you can check out my work below. Much love!

Nicole Viz

Director of Store Operations

Seattleite|Cheese Connoisseur| Director of the Your EDM online store with the occasional article sprinkled in.

Paige Endykiewicz

I'm Paige. In Portland OR/Vancouver WA. Record Label Manager/Executive Assistant/Writer for Your EDM. I love all electronic music. I love to travel, hit up events, and you may see me write a thing or two about the music I enjoy. Pixie for life. <3

Peter Rubinstein


Music-lover and vibe-enthusiast from Los Angeles, currently located in Chicago. Get in touch with me via email.

Syd Vicious

Syd Vicious has been a dance music lover since she first heard "Rhythm is a Dancer" in 4th grade and has been hooked on the genre ever since. A shadowy, camera shy figure that haunts the Vegas nightlife scene, her tastes in music defy genres, her taste in shoes is sparkly and she aspires to one day rule the world ... er, wait, that's Madonna.

Tabitha Neudorf

Part time writer, full time unicorn. World traveler/festival junkie/pizza connoisseur. Mustard is an important part of a well balanced diet along with copious amounts of bass.

Kiera Miller

Aspire to Inspire. I'm here to foster connection, and inspire authenticity and resilience through storytelling. I love to troll. I don't do music reviews. Indiana University alum. People call me TheRageBoss. I totaled the Driver's Ed car, but I still passed with an A. Share your story w/ me: [email protected]

Timmy Kusnierek

I'm beyond thankful to give back to this incredible community which has given me so much. Dance, smile, and don't be a stranger!

Michael Dix

A lover of most electronic music genres, with a special taste for future bass and trap. Originally from Los Angeles, but currently based in Atlanta.