The latest release on Skrillex‘s OWSLA label comes from KOAN Sound, the increasingly popular duo from Bristol, UK. KOAN Sound have been praised by many for the creativity they bring to their work, and in this EP they continue to fuse different styles and create a sound that is totally their own. The Adventures of Mr. Fox, the duo’s second release on OWSLA, picks up where the Funk Blaster EP left off with more of the wobbly, glitchy sound they are known for.

The first track of the EP, 80s Fitness, opens with a retro 80s synth before shaping into a modern sounding build and dropping into a a funky, disco influenced 110bpm monster. Reso‘s take on the remix removes the 4/4 element from the drop, and replaces it with a hard drum and bass sounding glitch freakout.

Introvert takes things in a much different direction than the rest of the EP. The bpm is upped to 130, and the song is more ambient and has more of an electronica feel. Calming violin and piano samples combined with fast, yet softer drums and a small scratchy synth make this track more suitable for relaxing than for being played out.

Check out the whole EP here below, and make sure to buy the EP on Beatport if you like what you hear.

80s Fitness:

80s Fitness (Reso Remix):

Eastern Thug:

Eastern Thug (Neosignal Remix):


Sly Fox:

Sly Fox (Opiuo Remix):