There are many words I can use to describe this new remix of Michael Calfan’sMozaik.” Words like “loud,” “bumping,” and possibly even “heavy,” come to mind as the track moves into some pretty impressive breaks. But, as cool as this track may be, I cannot say with certainty that it is “new.” Of course, the track is quite literally new in that it was just released by Stealth Records, but the sound really isn’t. The track’s intro, while it hooks fairly well, is somewhat lacking in originality. The build-ups are slightly predictable, the melodies have a familiar arena sound, and the song in its entirety is somewhat formulaic. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this track, in fact I was up and about the first time I heard it; however, it really brings nothing new to the table for me. With every listen I gave, I felt increasingly like I had heard this song before from various other DJs in the House scene. I will concede that this is just the opinion of one humble listener, but with an industry and genre that has blown up in recent years, new and original sounds are a must in order to keep the scene fresh and moving. But criticism aside, this is a fun track that I’m sure will find its way into arena house events. I am interested to see what future releases Hook N Sling and Michael Calfan will develop, mostly to see if they’re blazing new trails or simply riding the wave.

Michael Calfan — “Mozaik (Hook N Sling Remix)”

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