Welcome to the second edition of Techy Tuesday! This week we are going to review some new Disco House tracks that are tearing up clubs around the world. After some Disco House, we will dive deeper into some new Tech House tracks that are proving to be great additions to any DJ’s tech house set.


Our first track has recently been released on Pornostar Records and is based on Boogie Wonderland by Earth Wind & Fire. Wonderland (Peter Brown Summer Mix) by Kevin Prise is a groovy track that captivates the essence of the original song but still packs a house punch.


Wonderland (Peter Brown Summer Mix)


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Next up is My Digital Enemy and Jason Chase’s hit new single, Got To Be Strong (Original Mix). Combining classic disco vocals with a tribal techy beat, Got To Be Strong (Original Mix) is a great summer house song that gives off an uplifting vibe that is hard to resist.


My Digital Enemy, Jason Chase – Got To Be Strong (Original Mix) [Zulu Records]


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Now we come to the realm of tech house. This week we’ve decided to put a more “big-room” spin on our tech house selections, so we will first begin with a track from Jaceo. This talented producer from Colorado has an authentic techy sound that combines rhythmic percussion with deep grooves. His track, Baby Bottle (Original Mix) released off of Kling Klong, is a perfect example of Jaceo‘s style. Percussive hits and a tight hi-hat sequence gives the track a rhythmic feel, while a deep sub bass dominates the groove. Old-school vocal samples are added in to give the track a funky edge, and the build-ups use reverb for a subtle yet effective rise in energy. This is definitely one track to have in your starter sets.


Jaceo – Baby Bottle (Original Mix) [Kling Klong]


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The final track of this week’s Techy Tuesday is a funky little jam: Take 5 (Original Mix), a collaboration between British producers Jonathan Ulysses and Tim Cullen. Released in September courtesy of Hotfingers, this is one forceful track that grabs hold of you with its groove and never lets go. A nice sequence of Latin percussion, as well as some vintage open hi-hats, open up the feel of the track. Quickly though, the arrangement changes as Ulysses and Cullen add in a soft, rising lead along with syncopated snare hits behind the claps. The breakdown sees a furious set of drum hits break up the energy, before swiftly returning back to the main groove. A pitched-up lead builds up to the final drop, and the last sequence sees the full soundscape come together. “Take 5” is a tune that will bring good vibes and infectious rhythm to any dance floor.


Jonathan Ulysses & Tim Cullen – Take 5 (Original Mix) [Hotfingers]


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We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s edition of Techy Tuesdays. Make sure to stay tuned in the coming weeks for more choice tracks, fresh from the underground.




-Nick Ward and Paul Adler