As I started to educate myself in the realms of disco and electro, Theo Keating, better known as Fake Blood, was a name I followed and loved to see on event lineups that came through Los Angeles. He had a great sound back in 2008, making disco actually happen in the music scene with “I Think I Like It.” But can the sound still work? Can he keep it fresh? His new EP, Yes/No, begs the question. After listening to the teaser and being a fan myself, I try to be skeptical about the naysayers who suggest that nothing has changed. Though they may be right, I still find that Fake Blood is not lacking in creativity. He’s always consistently put out quality releases, and the Yes/No EP is no different. Maybe the business has changed so much that it’s easier to see similarities with his previous releases. But, the fact of the matter is that Fake Blood is still a DJ that can get a crowd moving with ease.