As I listen to Popeska’s new Karmameter EP, I try and think of what I was doing when I was 19 years old. Was I making the same kind of moves and waves as this kid? Nope. Granted, I turned 19 in 2009 which wasn’t too long ago, but the sentiment remains. This release by Popeska shows a good deal of promise in the young DJ. Tracks like “Atlantis” and “Liar” seem to be in keeping with the way the scene has moved with their erratic and wobbly beats. “Karmameter” really stands out as a fast and fun track, probably the best on the EP. It shows a slight bit of variance in the formula and sticks with the lively feel the rest of the release brings. I also can’t forget to mention Wolfgang Gartner’s contribution to the EP, considering that it was released off of his Kindergarten Records. But to sum things up: is Popeska a fun, young DJ? Definitely. Is he a pioneer in the business? Not really. However, he has a future in electronic music, and with Wolfgang Gartner as a possible mentor, it’s looking to be quite a bright future.

Karmameter (Original Mix)

Now Or Never (Wolfgang Gartner Edit)

Atlantis (Original Mix)

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