Disfunktion certainly knows how to start the season off right. The mighty Dutch house duo, and friends of the site, have been hard at work this past year and already have quite a lot to show for it. Putting out noteworthy releases likeGalette (Ibiza Rework)” (PinkStar Records, 2012) and “No Matter” (PinkStar Records, 2012), playing multiple venues around the world, crafting countless remixes, and now putting the finishing touches on their album–Disfunktion has been on a roll. The group recently announced that “Appetite for Disfunktion,” the duo’s first full-length album, is due out for release on PinkStar Records in less than a month. If the early previews are any indication, “Appetite for Disfunktion” will be one of the more noteworthy releases of the season.


As an early celebration, Disfunktion has released one of their singles off the upcoming album: “Pushing (Original Mix)” a melodic progressive house track featuring the vocal talents of Jennifer Cooke, coming to us courtesy of S2 Records. The track begins with a simple feel, as kick drums, claps, tom hits, and an atmospheric lead start off the groove. This quickly leads to the breakdown, where Jennifer Cooke’s vocals are on full display. Disfunktion supports the vocal arrangement perfectly with backing leads and a deep bassline. Soon after an airy, spacious lead is added in, along with some signature piano chords, that perfectly complement the atmosphere. After the drop, Disfunktion reintroduces the original groove of the track, but adding in the airy lead and the piano arrangement to give the sequence added energy. A final breakdown, with impassioned lyrics from Jennifer Cooke and a rising lead, give the track one last burst of power before Disfunktion takes us out with the final segment. “Pushing (Original Mix)” has such a smooth arrangement, with the piano chords, harmonic leads, and Jennifer Cooke’s soulful singing all combining to give the track a truly melodic spirit. In addition to the original mix, the “Pushing” release also contains an instrumental version of the track.


Pick up your copy of “Pushing” today. If this track is any indication, the house scene is in for a treat when “Appetite for Disfunktion” drops sometime in these next few weeks.


Disfunktion feat. Jennifer Cooke – Pushing (Original Mix)




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