(Picture art by Smercado)

While not traditionally EDM, Daft Punk makes some changes to a song by Junior Kimbrough, a famous American Blues musician.

The song was released by clothing company Saint Laurent, based in Paris. The song with a strong, sensual blues feel, could possibly become the soundtrack to the company’s walkway shows. Even if you aren’t into blues, or any type of music that isn’t EDM, now isn’t a bad time to expand your musical horizons.

The company can be found here.

Ever since the Movie Soundtrack for TRON in 2010, Daft Punk has been pretty quiet for the past couple of years, until now. If this is any indication of what their supposed new album is going to sound like, then perhaps the EDM scene is is in for a refresher course on using physical instruments. Or perhaps not, maybe the song was done as a tribute for Kimbrough, a potential influence to the french dynamic duo. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: with over 25k plays in only 5 days, the world is obviously ready for more of Daft Punk.