Skism is killing it. The Never Say Die Records boss is, as of today, 3/4 done with his four part Division EP series. Part 1, “Killer”, and part 2, “Red Heat” both assaulted the beatport charts along with remixes from Trantrum Desire, Crush, and TC, and it’s looking part 3, “Experts,” could outdo them all. With every part of the Divison series, Skism has also put out a mix ending with the title track of the next part. Part 2 ended only with a short sample of Phil Anselmo from Pantera… enough to confuse and excite anyone who heard it. “Experts” is a slap in the face to haters and YouTube commenters, who pay the iron price to Skism, Eptic, rExcision, Skrillex, and Zomboy. Regardless of how you feel about any of the mentioned artists, this is definitely worth your two minutes.

Division series pt. 3 is available on Beatport here.