There’s someone cooking up some huge tunes over in Belarus.  His name is Arston, an up-and-coming producer with a massively-melodic production style that begs to be heard.  The rising star released his debut EP a few days back, and the result is dance floor magic.  The first track, “Empire,” is a harmonious track with big-room atmosphere.  Some expert string arrangements and synth work prop up the melody, while some absolutely gigantic build-ups drive the energy forward.  The drops in this track are monumental, and the final breakdown–complete with a passionate piano arrangement–is an artful testament to the beauty and emotion that progressive house brings.  The second track, “Flashmob,” is a can’t-miss entry with emotive strings and high-end synths working in tandem to guide the track forward.  The song has a pulsating feel, with a strong kick drum that backs the arrangement and some thick synth work (along with a scorching lead) laying down the melody.  Again, the final breakdown in this track is powerful and expressive, with a hook that you can’t help but sing along with–all ascending to a final rise before one last, furious drop.


Look for more great things out of Arston these next few months.  This up-and-comer is certainly well on his way.


Arston – Empire (Original Mix)



Arston – Flashmob (Original Mix)




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