Straight out of Toronto, Charlie Darker is an up-and-coming producer whose original style has caught the attention of producers and audiences alike.  Most notably, the Canadian has impressed electro demigod Wolfgang Gartner, who decided to feature Charlie Darker’s newest release on his Kindergarten Recordings label.  The result is pure dance floor madness, as Charlie Darker shows off multiple sides of his production technique in a two-track EP that is sure to turn some heads.

The first track, “Atlantic,” is a peaktime electro banger with a floor-shaking bassline, a scorching lead, and some rhythmic clap hits and percussion that add to the groove.  In the breaks, Charlie Darker puts together some impressive synth work and creates an incredibly melodic atmosphere before dropping once again back into the madness.  The second track off the EP is “Pacific,” a collaboration between Charlie Darker and LOVE THY BROTHER.  The track is a seamless blend of electro and progressive elements–a solid kick drum and a deep, distorted bassline drive the feel of the song, while low-end chords and a hypnotic lead play over top.  Tom hits and claps also add to the rhythm, and the synth work in the track is phenomenal.  The final breakdown is an absolute treat, as the chord progression reaches a climax while rising leads and snare hits all add up to an incredible last drop.

Both of these tracks are clear signs that Charlie Darker is a true rising star.  With a dynamic production style, as well as support from one of the biggest names in the global house scene, there’s nowhere for this Canadian prodigy to go than up.  Pick up your copy of the “Atlantic/Pacific EP” today.


Charlie Darker – Atlantic (Original Mix)



Charlie Darker – Pacific (Original Mix)





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