Talk about a flashback! Half of our readers probably weren’t even alive when the original “Infinity (1990s… Time for the Guru)” was released from Guru Josh back in 1989 on BCB Records. The track was re-released in 2007 by the Guru Josh Project, and was remixed by DJ Klaas in 2009 under the title “Infinity 2008.” Ultra Records released “Infinity 2008” in the US which passed Lady Gaga‘s Poker Face for the top spot on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart after dominating for 15 straight weeks. One of the most distinctive features about these tracks has to be the smooth sounding saxophone, which is a great way to instantly get that feel good sound. DJ Klaas gave the song a harder feel, really showing the progression of music from the year it was originally released to fit today’s modern sound. Another great addition was the vocal edit to give the song that sing along feel everyone was looking for. I put a live performance of Guru Josh below the 2008 version just to emphasize the difference in performances 20 years ago compared to now. I picture Avicii in that outfit/type of performance and laugh out loud. 

 Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 (Klaas Remix)


Guru Josh – Infinity (1990s… Time for the Guru)