Out November 20th on Mad Decent, comes the hardest hitting remix EP that I have ever heard to this day. The Clockwork Titan Remix EP.  Not only does it bang with the ferocity of a thousand laser-sharks, it’s incredibly diverse, and you’re easily able to hear each artists own original flavor on the track. Making each track not only an incredible remix, but also an original mix in it’s own way.  All of this from a mini-mix.

Check out Clockwork’s Titan, and the Mini mix below it.

Clockwork- Titan

Clockwork- Titan Remix EP


  1. Titan (Congorock Safari Edit)
  2. Titan (The PartySquad Remix)
  3. Titan (Moska Remix)
  4. BBBS (GTA Remix)
  5. Titan (Coyote Kisses Remix)


Out November 20th on Mad Decent!