It seems that whenever the name ‘Leon Bolier‘ shows up, the words ‘monstrous’ and ‘unbelievable’ pop up as well. Bolier has been on an absolute hot streak lately, with his recent collaboration with Alex Kenji with Trumpets, (with an insane club mix from Mr. Bolier himself) and his thunderous single US, following his trend of past releases You and Me (respectively). And recently, he showed eager fans a preview of his exciting remix to the all time classic Waterverve by Mark van Dale & Enrico on his radio show, Steamlined (No. 84). Even if you don’t recognize the name, you will recognize it by it’s signature string melody. It is the same melody that created the largely popular track Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve Orchestra. Leon reconstructs the classic with his unorthodox and unusual method of orchestration into a storming electro tribal tune that will knock the wind out of anyone listening.

The track starts with an eerie synth slinking alongside triplet muted synths before dropping into a unique drop with temple bells, offbeat rhythms and intriguing use of reverb and white noise. It then slowly brings in euphoric string synths to a joyous chord progression that quiets down before those iconic strings come in with their familiar melodic progression. It builds with a screaming synth giving the movement direction and body before SLAMMING into a heavy drop with Bolier‘s signature fat bass kicks, reverbed cowbell synth and a variety of different percussive sounds for variety and personal statements. It builds yet again to bring in the first drop, which should guarantee the massive undertaking Leon Bolier has done to this classic track.

As stated in previous post, we at YourEDM absolutely respect producers who are first class innovators and goes against what the current trends in EDM. Bolier is one of those rare producers that has ‘his’ own sound that no one has been able to replicate. His use of highly unusual synths, incredible off beat usage of rhythms and white noise and new journeys in timbrel possibilities in percussion makes Leon a highly valuable player within the trance world. And yet, the ‘Bolier‘ sound is not trance, nor is it progressive house. He is on a complete league of his own and we are absolutely excited to to see his extensive production career go towards even higher heights than now. [UPDATE]


As of now, there is not a release date for Leon Bolier‘s remix of Waterverve (or even any indication that the remix will even be released), but we’ll let you know as soon as we have more information on it! [UPDATE: This track will be available to purchase on Beatport on January 7th on Deal Records!].