Pendulum‘s quintessential track, The Island, is highly regarded as a cornerstone piece and was an important step in the EDM scene from when it was released in 2010 to this very day. Fans cannot go to a festival now and not hear this track in some way, shape or form. Created for Pendulum‘s third studio album release, Immersion, it has been a track that has been just as recognizable as tracks today such as Swedish House Mafia‘s Save The World, or Hardwell‘s Encoded. It has received the remix treatment from MANY major artists, such as Tiesto, Madeon, Lenzman and revitalized for today by the Steve Angello & AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix, which is still occasionally played. Universally supported by an incredible variety of artists over the last three years, and showcasing the early sounds of post Pendulum‘s newest project, Knife Party, it truly stands out through the test of time.

Progressive Trouse/House hero Tom Fall took the original and recreated an astounding work of art that is not to be taken lightly in listeners hands and is big enough to be played at massive festivals around the world. Tom Fall is noted to be a producer who isn’t afraid to try new things and venture in new directions and created this track when he was creating true Progressive tracks at the time. We at YourEDM highly respect artists that go against the grain and found ourselves having uncontrollable smirks when first hearing this tune.

Beckoning the sound that seems as though influenced by early Avicii synths, it creates a beautiful repeating melodic piano line that almost breathes new life to the iconic vocals of Pendulum with strategic hand claps. It then brings out the big room guns with anthematic synths without overloading the style and texture, unlike many of the ‘maximal’ tracks that are created today. Interestingly, it creates these special moments when the vocals state: “Just Surrender Here Tonight. What Are you Waiting For? As We Go Towards The Light.” It builds the energy to a breaking point and it drops into a elated, emotional musical drive that is perfect for not only having your hands in the air, but catchy enough to be able to actually dance to, (which is rare for many tracks today). Using careful orchestration and impressive blending of different exciting sound textures, Tom Fall creates a superb variety for our palette and makes our ears beg to listen to it again and again.

Interestingly enough, this was called the ‘Pjanno‘ remix due to one of Eric Prydz‘s most well known tracks, Pjanno. The two use a similar synth and we can only assume that this unofficial remix was in tribute to Prydz‘s amazing and one-of-a-kind sound. But rather than completely copying the melody, Tom Fall took it upon himself to recreate the sound in his own interpretation and use it to create a fierce track to astonishing effect. Created over a year ago, this is a great Progressive House tune that many people don’t even know exist (it isn’t even on the official websites as a remix). If you are a fan of older Avicii, Eric Prydz, Uplifting Progressive House or just great sounding music, definitely check this tune out. And the best part? It’s FREE! As a special treat for those who read this article, the track is now available as a free download on Tom Fall‘s Soundcloud. Just go to the artist’s comment (it should be orange) and click on the link there. Because you have the permission of the artist, it makes it 100% legal. Happy downloads EDM fans!



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