Eric Prydz is one of the true global icons of house music, with his legendary discography and unparalleled productions respected the world over.  Pryda, the production alias that emphasizes the more experimental side of Eric Prydz’s progressive sound, has almost as dedicated a following.  The “Eric Prydz Presents Pryda” artist album was a hit over the summer, and gave a comprehensive look at both old and new tracks from Pryda’s discography (Virgin Records, 2012).  For years, Pryda tracks have been known for their intricate progressions, understated melodies, and as always, their frequent display of Eric Prydz’s pioneering production techniques.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in Pryda’s latest release, a two-sided EP that proves that his authentic sound is here to stay.

The first track, Recomondos, is a deep progressive track with some atmospheric synth work that shows off Pryda’s attention to detail.  The soundscape that he creates is equal parts driving and melodic.  An infectious lead gives the track added weight, and the final breakdown is a culmination of the intricate chord progression that ascends into new heights.  The second track, Bergen, is the perfect complement to Recomondos.  This track is a perfect display of Pryda’s technique, with a subtle chord progression backing the entire composition.  Some rhythmic percussion is added in to accentuate the groove, and a circulating lead provides a counterpart to the deep synth arrangement.

Both tracks are stunning examples of Pryda’s original production style.  While many artists in the world continue to alter their sound, unsure of their proper voice, Eric Prydz continues to stay true to himself.  Pick up your copy of the new Pryda EP today.


Pryda – Recomondos (Original Mix)



Pryda – Bergen (Original Mix)





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