If you’re an aspiring producer, DJ, or both, listen up. Insomniac, known for hosting magnanimous EDM festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, Escape from Wonderland, and now White Wonderland, have announced the Discovery Project, a competition allowing one lucky winner to play a set on their house stage for White Wonderland on December 31. The rules are to remix Bunny’s track, “Countdown” as well as submit a 30-minute Dj mix by December 17th. The best part is, when you win, you must wear all white to your performance [Santa hat optional].

If there was ever an opportunity to expose your musicianship and talent to the world, this is it. In the past year or so, the dance music industry has boomed and only shows signs expanding. More of these competitions are opening up as more young artists find their way into the spotlight. Being a producer myself, it is very encouraging to see a contest like this because it symbolizes a theme central to EDM: sharing the experience. Unlike any other genre in music today, EDM is continually looking for new talent, especially those who are passionate about the music, to be included inside of its enchanting world. If any of this rings true for you, then I encourage you to be a part of this Discovery Project and make a submission. Hey, you never know.