Tritonal has just announced that their Air Up There show will be over after the 100th episode. With the expansion of Tritonal‘s record label, Air Up There Recordings, they felt that there was a need for change. But fear not my fellow Tritonians, a new Tritonal radio show is on the way. The press release says that they have a “desire to center the show around Tritonal’s fan base, ‘Tritonians.'” The new show will be called Tritonia and will be aired weekly beginning in 2013. Although this mirrors the recent move by Above & Beyond from Trance Around The World to Group Therapy, I believe it is a move for the better.

“Although it will no longer be called Air Up There, fans should be reassured that we are still going to produce the same high quality show with the latest and greatest tracks in trance, progressive, house and electro in 2013,” says Tritonal‘s Dave Reed.

Needless to say it is a very exciting time for Tritonal. The Arc tour has been hugely successful and they have a massive finale to Air Up There on December 8 which will feature the likes of Super8 & Tab, Kyau & Albert and Cristina Soto. It will also be broadcast live on SiriusXM.

In the meantime get ready for Tritonia and check out the announcement below!