HARD Presents: Boys Noize Live – Out of the Black Tour

This past Sunday started out like most others for me: got up, got some laundry done, watched football all day, and hung out with friends. However this particular Sunday Funday ended with me going to Boys Noize Live: Out of the Black Tour at the House of Blues in Boston presented by HARD.

The opening set was performed by another member of Boysnoize Records known as Djedjotronic. I was relatively unfamiliar with his music with the exception of a few remixes I’ve heard, but after hearing his warm-up set I immediately followed him on SoundCloud. One main thing I want to touch on here is that he actually played a warm-up set to get the crowd going. A lot of times you will go to see a DJ and the opening act will be going unbelievably hard, playing major hits, and (directly or indirectly) seem like they’re trying to steal the show. I thought he did a perfect job of warming up the crowd for the main act, but still making everyone aware of his talents. Hats off to Djedjotronic.

Next on stage was the man of the night: Boys Noize. He rose up behind a fairly large skull whose eyes would light up periodically throughout the set with a few large screens behind him.  The visual effects were amazing, but not traditional multicolor bright lights that you may associate with raves and sets. He stuck mainly with black, white, and red visuals which isn’t used enough from DJs. I saw a Nero show where they used the same color scheme and was blown away, and it definitely had the same effect on me this time.

He started off with one of my favorite tracks off his new album Out of the Black called What You Want and immediately got the crowd going. Sometimes artists get lost in promoting new music, but I thought he did an outstanding job of mixing between his new album and previous albums. He played some classics off Power like Starter and Jeffer, and a lot of tracks off of Oi Oi Oi including one of my all-time favorites Lava Lava. There were a few other tracks from previous albums scattered in the set with the rest coming from Out of the Black, such as XTC and ICH R U. I don’t want to give away his full set from his Boston performance for those of you still eagerly awaiting his arrival. I was also impressed by his energy levels throughout the show. Constantly keeping the crowd’s attention and mimicking his actions with the sound of the music.  All in all, it was an incredible performance and I highly recommend going if you have the opportunity. This is listed as his first live North American tour, so if he has yet to come to your city then get your tickets now!

Remaining stops on the tour:

Dec. 7 – Toronto – Sound Academy

Dec. 8 – Chicago – Aragon

Dec. 14 – Oakland – The Fox Theater (tix)

Dec. 15 – Los Angeles – Palladium

Dec. 16 – San Diego – House of Blues

You can buy tickets here.