When you think of Sandro Silva, naturally Epic is going to start echoing throughout your head. His new EP titled Let Go Tonight, might have some new tracks popping into your head after you hear it. I thought this three track EP was cool because each song has a different style.

Libra is a progressive track with a happy uplifting melody that forces a smile on your face. It sort of has a trancy feel to it which compliments the melody. Let Go Tonight is also progressive, but Jack Miz‘s vocals are sure to have everyone singing in the club. Fists will be pumping, hair will be swinging, and this one will definitely be climbing the charts. Thug has a pretty raw electro sound that’s not overloaded with growls, bleeps, lasers, etc. that seems to be the trend nowadays.

Overall, this EP is a must have in the collection. You can buy it on Beatport here.

Sandro Silva – Libra:

Sandro Silva ft. Jack Miz – Let Go Tonight:

Sandro Silva – Thug: