Jonny Thomson is Electric Joy Ride; this name should be burned into your brain along with the multitude of the addicting, carefree melodies he composes. Showcasing his tunes with the happiest vibe imaginable, EJR whisks his listeners away to a better time in life. The feeling of getting your first kiss, earning that “A+” in your most difficult class, successfully beating Halo on Legendary difficulty are all examples of enjoyable moments people experience throughout their life. EJR masterfully crafts his music and the end result sounds like a culmination of all things in your life that are bright and beautiful. Words alone cannot express the feeling when you are helplessly dancing like a raving lunatic on your commute to work. Beware: this music is very grin-inducing!

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With a promising start to his producing career, this forensic science student teamed up with vocalist Brenton Mattheus to deliver the ultimate feel-good track, Fall Down to much popularity on his Soundcloud account. Brenton’s dreamy voice engulfs you and completes this beautiful track, making this a highly sought out vocal part for producers everywhere. The track was so good, EJR was flooded with remix requests and he eventually released a remix EP that is out of this world. Featuring remixes by Pistol Shrimp, Moiez, Thought & Process, and Galaksi, a multitude of genres were brought to the table. Surprisingly, listening to 5 different songs with the same vocal part never once got old!

To contrast his previous works, EJR is currently collaborating with Galaksi on a work-in-progress track titled, Dynamite Moon Zombies. This hard-hitting banger gives off a Mord Fustang vibe with it’s electro-house feel, a filthy bass line, and a melody that will easily send everyone in the club into a gyrating frenzy.

If this article in no way persuaded you to check out Electric Joy Ride, please listen to his music’s ability to make you feel pure happiness. The sheer talent, production value, and workmanship is unmatched in the EDM market. Wherever he goes, Jonny Thomson will please the masses with his genuine humility, amazing music, and his ability to even make the most jaded EDM connoisseur smile. I look forward to seeing his new releases next year as well as his rapid ascent to the stars.

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Opening track in in interview: Dynamite Moon Zombies (with Galaksi)

Ending track in interview: Fall Down (with Brenton Mattheus)