Denzal Park is back again, this time with a track that is destined for peak-time greatness.  The Australian duo had a huge release with their remix of Cicada’s track “Over and Over” back in November, and now Denzal Park returns with “Scorpio,” another expert display of their authentic, big-room sound, off of Cr2 Records.  Scorpio is a rip-roaring journey that starts with a slowly-building intro, leading into a melodic breakdown.  Denzal Park uses some hypnotic synth work to support the progression leading up to the drop.  The track quickly descends into absolute madness, with a mammoth bassline that drives the track.  Add in some percussion and rising leads, and you have one immense arrangement on your  hands.  The final breakdown, and the last massive drop, give us one last burst of energy and round out the track perfectly.  Nothing more needs to be said–Scorpio is one of the most gigantic tracks of the year, and is sure to get the floor rumbling.  Pick up your copy today.


Denzal Park – Scorpio (Original Mix)





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