There is without a doubt that EDM has completely exploded in America. With the advent of bigger and grander festivals, the music and lifestyle of EDM has come to stay. And yet, as we have been noticing in the past year, this also has its drawbacks. One particular setback of the increased commercialization of dance music is that there are no risks being taken. Almost all of commercial music, (and also commercial EDM), incorporates certain characteristics that makes one song seem oddly familiar to another, if listened closely enough. And yet, lots of rumblings happen beneath the waterline and special producers lurk in the depths that are further pushing the boundaries that we call Electronic music. While in our search for these extreme genre bending tracks, we happen to stumble alongside USA native Keyworth, also known by his alias, Breakfast. This type of music that Keyworth presents is not necessarily any genre that we are used to, but rather a conglomeration of genres that are already set into place. This gives us a startlingly fresh change of pace in terms of musical exploration and timbrel possibilities. Recently releasing his track, Submerged for free, he is now at the forefront of a maiden musical voyage towards the unknown with his soon to be released track, Just Us. Just Us is a transfusion of Deep House, Progressive, Ambient, Experimental, Acid House, and faint hints of Tech House thrown in for good measure. The number of different samples in this track is almost too much to put down into writing.

Just Us starts off with a deep but soft bass as faint whispers of ambient harmonies exist in the background. Throughout this section, the listener hears many unusual sounds that flit in and about the piece, such as blips, ripping synths, seemingly under-water-like rumbles, progressive acidic lines and an unidentifiable female voice that is not used for vocals, but for the pure sound color in which it exhibits. All of these seemly random noises come together into the first ‘drop’, if it could even be called that. It strips away everything except for the ambience and the deep bass, as the acidic lines wash away to a more pure form of the repeating ostinato. Sweeping white noise, filtered introductions of old motifs and innovative use of the female voice (such as vocal chopping and use of the vocalist exhaling to fantastic effect) bring this piece together somewhat as it morphs through space. It increases in intensity as a male voice is introduced, repeating the phrase, “What is off (?)”. Again, using superb vocal chopping, repeated sections and parts of the vocal color being used in rhythmic quality in conjunction with all of the other sounds, Keyworth creates a multilayered work of art that is nothing short of fantastic. It ends with everything disappearing except for the ambient synths sitting complacent in a required space (with a simple mandolin [?]), almost as if the heavens are speaking to the listener on an intimate note before slowly fading into nothingness.


Just Us is a stunning example of how music can be so much more than just another nameless tune. This is an invitation into the inner mechanizations of Keyworth and is a viseral experience into how he personally interprets music. And this track accomplishes something wildly different than many tracks that have been posted here before. Rather than a musical journey from start to finish, it is an entire organic universe of sounds and colors that is to be experienced firsthand. It is an experiment of a room full of music that is unique and special only toward whomever occupies that room. It fills the consciousness not with the notion of going forward with musical intent, but with an acute awareness of ones inner surroundings. Just Us will be available as a free download on Keyworth‘s personal website tomorrow, December 21st [Update: Free Download is available now]. This is seriously not a tune to miss and will be unlike any piece of music that you have ever heard before. Head on over to the link and grab it before the download limit is reached.