Rotterdam-based Munchi is not your typical Dutch producer/DJ. Foregoing the trance our house route like many of his fellow Dutchmen, he is one of  the most important figures in Moombahton and is one of the first people to have pushed the experimental genre to the next level and into more mainstream EDM culture. What draws me to Munchi is more than just his moombahton productions though; he is a musical genius no matter what he is producing and is extremely passionate about his craft. The soul and energy I can feel from his tracks far surpass that from most other music I hear, and every time I read a post of his on twitter or Facebook he just seems to be a very genuine person.  When I found out he would be a guest on one of my favorite radio shows, Diplo & Friends on Radio 1xtra, I was psyched. What I did not count on was what he would bring to the table. He packed FIFTY tracks into an hour, almost completely his own productions. I would wager that is something a great deal of other artists would not be able to do. If mid tempo with a little added spice is your thing you will be drooling over this one.