On Thursday January 10th the City of Miami Commission will vote on Resolution 12-01491 that if ratified, will disable ULTRA Music Festival from holding a second weekend at the Bayfront Park. It is unclear whether this proposed resolution could stop ULTRA from having 2 weekends, at all in the city of Miami or if it simply stops it from occurring at the Bayfront Park.

This resolution was drafted and sponsored by only one Commissioner, Vice Chairman Marc Sarnoff, and thus there is still a large chance that Resolution 12-01491 will not be accepted by the other members. Just to reiterate, it is not quite clear whether this resolution can stop ULTRA from having 2 weekends, or whether it is only preventing it from holding the 2nd weekend at Bayfront Park.

Some artists, such as Tommie Sunshine have already voiced their disapproval of the proposition and have made their opinion be known on twitter:

A petition has also just been created to oppose the resolution, here is the link if you want to sign: Petitioning the City of Miami Commission

According to the resolution this is the reason for their desire to shut down the 2nd weekend:

Said event will be disruptive to the local business community and area residents due to noise, nuisance behavior by festival goers, and grid locked traffic