After attending Decadence NYE last year it became blatantly obvious that out of the numerous New Years events hosted in Denver, CO none could compete with the grandoir and overall splendor of Decadence. Last year I was absolutely bewildered by the shear number in attendance for an inaugural event and frankly I think Triad Dragons was as well. I clearly remember loving every minute of the event however one aspect of the event that left some party-goers upset was the line to enter the venue. After quickly hopping out of my party bus in front of the Convention Center I quickly realized that Triad Dragons had immensely improved the weakest aspect of the event from the previous year. The entrance to the venue was organized and professional and effortlessly shuffled hundreds through security.

With security behind me, I was eager to try and catch as much of Wolfgang Gartner‘s set as possible so I quickly made my way to the center of the Global Dance stage to bask in the glory that is Wolfgang. His prowess behind the decks was blaringly evident as Wolfgang contorted the tone and energy level of the massive crowd with each and every one of his selections. His set was consistent and delivered exactly as one would expect from a veteran of Wolfgang‘s status.

I caught the first few minutes of Ecotek but then quickly made my way over to the Sub.Mission Dub stage to get trill with Flosstradmus. Only one member of the duo was present but, from what I was able to catch of their set, their performance was not hindered in the slightest. Unfortunately, I was only able to witness about the first fifteen minutes of Floss‘ set before leaving to speak with Krewella before they hit the decks on the Dance stage. If you haven’t make sure to check out Your EDM‘s exclusive interview with the Chicago trio here!

After speaking with Krewella, I was headed with a full head of steam to witness the trio ignite the crowd into a frenzy. Krewella‘s sets are always extremely diverse, sampling multiple genres of bass music while maintaining an extremely high energy level. I was eager to see if the trio would show any signs of fatigue after playing Lights All Night earlier that day but after a few minutes of their set it became very clear that this would not be the case. Krewella‘s energy and sound captivated audiences all year and this set was no different, the trio demonstrated their commanding stage presence and flawlessly performed until the clock struck 12.

As the New Year began balloons and confetti descended on the joyous crowd and the audience began to shuffle around in search of familiar faces, I quickly shifted stages to ensure a prime location for the last few minutes of MiMOSA‘s set as well as Zeds Dead‘s closing performance. This was the first performance by MiMOSA I had witnessed that emphasized his new ‘Future Trill’ sound and I was a huge fan. I have always been extremely impressed by MiMOSA‘s impeccable stage presence and coupling this with the vibes of his new ‘purple music” creates a truly unique live experience.

The last and final performance I witnessed of the night was from the Canadian duo, Zeds Dead. Zeds Dead‘s performance was a spectacular way to cap off a night of shear indulgence. The duo, as expected, put together a high energy set that expertly mixed in highlights from their discography with new selections that had audience screaming in delight. Punishing bass, an extravagent light show and an canopy of LEDS worked in paramount to create an amazing atmosphere to close this fantastic night.

All in all, I feel Triad Dragons did an excellent job retaining the elements of Decadence that party-goers originally loved while simultaneously improving upon each and every hinderance of last years’ event. In closing, all I can say is that I can’t wait for next year!