Belgium’s Tommorowland Festival was recently voted Best Major Festival for 2012 at the International Dance Music Awards. After receiving such an accolade, what could be next for the festival giant? Expansion, of course. After drawing more than 180,000 people over three days last year the festival organizers, the Beers brothers, say they plan to expand the festival globally. “We’re going to do it, but on our terms, and only in places where we feel at home,” say the Beers brothers.

When they do find places they feel at home the demand certainly will be there – last year when presale tickets went on sale there were over 2 ,000,000 people in queue eagerly attempting to get in on the festival. Be sure to check back in the future for any more information about locations, and check back tomorrow for news regarding the festival’s official announcement for this year.


For anyone who missed it, here is the Tomorrowland 2012 After Movie: