Up-and-coming DJ/producer AzR comes to us with an incredibly unique release to kick off the new year.  The New York-based artist has crafted the melodic, progressive track “Drive,” which is the kind of song that takes the listener on a journey.  AzR gets a solid groove going with some synthetic percussion, overarching leads, and a monumental synth arrangement which provides the backbone of the track.  The melody of the track is undeniable, as the artist also mixes in lyrics (which AzR recorded and arranged himself) that drive the track onward.  This light, melodic feel continues up until the last third of the song, when he changes direction and launches into a heavy electro segment, complete with a thick, glitched-out bassline.  AzR guides us out of the track with one final verse, capping off the composition perfectly.

This is a track that is equal parts original and forceful, with an undeniable groove and plenty of melody.  Drive is available as a free download through AzR’s Facebook page.  Make sure to grab your copy, and in the meantime, expect to hear more out of AzR in 2013.





Check out AzR’s Facebook and Soundcloud