We made it through another week ladies and gentlemen. For all your hard work, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a great Ibiza-style track. This week we have Where Are You Now by Erick Morillo and DJ DLG. This is a great up all night track. I picture myself somewhere like Space on the terrace watching the sun come up, knowing that I have no intention of resting until it sets again. The combo of the deep bass line with that trancy melody really pulls you into the track, and doesn’t let go. Smooth drops are one of Morillo‘s strong points and this song is loaded with them. No heavy build ups with wasp and laser effects needed, Where Are You Now is pure bills for the musical soul that lies in all of us. So where are you now? Probably at work or school. But ask yourself the same question at 3 am tonight and hopefully you have a much better answer. Enjoy the weekend everyone.