A long time supporter of Afrojack and a proud member of Wall Recordings, Dutch powerhouse Bobby Burns decides to finally release his single, Mont Blanc, to the public. Seldom releasing Originals, as well as collaborations, we are excited to see the finished product. The Dutchman’s sound is heavily influenced by leading man Afrojack and incorporates a lot of the techniques and styles of those in Wall Recordings, such as Quintino, R3hab and Shermanology. Utilizing the vast resources of unique ‘bleepiness’, he takes Mont Blanc on a musical path with Anthemic qualities as well a rough, grimy synths for a hard hitting drop.



Bobby takes cool musical progressions and uses it to overlap different lines of musical melodies into a free flowing section with lots of quick intervals and non chord tones such as suspensions. It only intensifies as the beat comes in with creating an upbeat harmony. Although it may seem a bit bare bones at points, it is expertly crafted with synths that closely remind us of classic 8bit chiptunes. Tricking the listener that all there is is an anthem, Burns increases the energy and gives us a dank and dirty drop with fat, raw basslines and equally fat harmonic support. Each synth roars with Afrojack‘s sound and is a cool release that is sure to be played in festivals around the world (and a Wall favorite, to be sure). Mont Blanc is released today on Wall Recordings, so get on over to Beatport and snag yourself a copy.

Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/montblanc-original-mix/4066359