Yesterday, Your EDM was lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with Thomas Gold  on top of the Empire State Building and pick his brain. Let’s dive right into the interview.

Your EDM: 2012 was a huge year for you. What was your most memorable moment, event, festival that you played?

Thomas Gold: I think it was Tomorrowland, when I entered the main stage. It was so overwhelming to see all these people waiving their flags from all the countries where they came from. The energy was just so special and unique. That was THE moment.

Your EDM: You play at Roseland on the 26th. We know you’ve been really excited in the past for New York events, most notably over at Governor’s Island and your events at Pacha. What do you have in store for us?

Thomas Gold: A lot! This time it’s going to be a Fanfare show. It’s around the Fanfare theme. We have a lot of special things going on and performances. So, there will be a couple of surprises and I have great [expectations] and the venue is just super amazing. I can’t tell you how amazed and how excited I actually am for the show on Saturday.

Your EDM: Roseland [Ballroom] is your last stop in America, and then you’re on to Brazil. What do you have set up after your tour [here]. Some studio time?

Thomas Gold: Yea. Actually, I’m in the studio all the time now. I just had a couple studio days here in New York. Yesterday, the day before, and the week before. So whenever I have a day off or in between shows, I try to rent a studio. But you’re right, when I come back from Brazil I’ll be touring Europe so the tour doesn’t stop. I’m continuing the Fanfare tour, but in between I always go back to Berlin to my studio. I have a lot of productions going on at the moment, so I want to use that time before the craziness is going to start again (laughs).

Your EDM: So on that note, can we expect you to be playing at any of the big festivals this year? Coachella, EDC, Tomorrowland again?

Thomas Gold: I can’t name any one (smiling), but of course. There will be a lot of festivals I’m going attend, so I’m looking forward to the season.

Your EDM: What was your inspiration behind One Republic’s “Feel Again” remix that you did?

Thomas Gold: The inspiration was actually the track itself. You know? I heard it and I loved it. So I took the vocal and tried to work my stuff around it to catch up some of the original vibe. The inspiration was just my own Thomas Gold style and the track itself. And that, for me, is the most important thing. I have to be inspired by the original track otherwise I would never do a remix. If someone plays a track for me and asks me for a remix, if I don’t feel anything about the track itself, it doesn’t make sense for me to create my collab around it.

Your EDM: So can I get some clarification on the “Miao” title? Are you becoming a cat fanatic like Deadmau5?

Thomas Gold: (Laughing) No, not really. But you know when I started the track it all started with one sound and it was kind of this meow meow meow sound. So, I named the project folder like this, that’s what I always do. I give my projects any name which comes to mind, and I kept the name throughout when I was working on the track. At the end I thought, “Why not just keep the name? And lets do something with the cat thing.” I like cats and just made some funny stuff out of that and that’s how we did it.

Your EDM: So I have to ask. The Essential Mix. It was amazing. Can you tell me about preparing for that, and sitting there, and what the performance is actually like for the Essential Mix?

Thomas Gold: I mean it’s exciting to have the Essential Mix and it’s an honor to be apart of that, so I prepared myself a lot. I wanted to give people something different, not just my normal DJ set. So that’s why I created special versions of tracks. I put in the orchestra version of the Lady Gaga remix, and for In My Mind I did kind of a special interlude version where it’s just a vocal with new instruments. I created transitions between the tracks and edited, actually the shit out of all the tracks I had. So I tried just to create something special because the Essential Mix IS something special.

Your EDM: So in 2013, who are you looking to collaborate with?

Thomas Gold: I can’t tell too much (smiling), but there’s a couple of things going on. Definitely will be something, but just for the moment I’m focusing on my own directions because I want to have something down before Miami. But collabs are on going and I can tell you more, very soon.


Very special thanks to Thomas for taking the time to talk to us and reach out to his fans. Be sure to catch the Fanfare show at the Roseland Ballroom this Saturday. Also, very special thanks to Misawa for stepping in to interview for us. You can listen to the interview below.