HOUSE HEADS, PERK UP! ATFC, the man who’s been serenading dance floors for over ten years, has teamed up with Italian duo, The Cube Guys, with one of the best releases on Toolroom thus far. For those who don’t know, The Cube Guys started as a project back in 2005 with two of the most talented Italian producers and have now morphed into one of the staple names in the house industry, working with guys like David Penn and now the remarkable ATFC. This time, they’ve served up some funked-up House grooves hot enough to spice up the clubs during this winter freeze. With a fresh sample and a tight rhythm to back it, “Work” keeps you going and only wanting more. Being that it’s a Toolrooom release, you can expect nothing but the best, so be sure to head on over to Beatport and buy yourself copy!