Over the past week, DJ Carnage, one of the highest respected trap producers in the game spoke out and made it blatantly clear that he felt “Hype” has quickly begun ruining the emerging genre. DJ Carnage also made it very clear that his forthcoming productions would be focused towards his true love, house music. Well to my delight earlier today the first previews of DJ Carnage‘s latest release surfaced and let me assure you, he wasn’t lying when he said he was straying away from trap. Although agonizingly short, the preview of Incredible, a collaboration between Carnage and Israeli producer Borgore, combines booming big house synths with a thumping bassline to create what appears to be a big house tune of monumental proportion. Incredible definitely did not fit the general archetype of music that either of these artists are known for but I am always ecstatic to see artists continuing to push the boundaries of their productions and music as a whole. Check out the preview below and enjoy!

Incredible is set to release on Spinnin’ Records on February 4th.