Abora Recordings, known for hosting fantastic releases such as Kelly Andrew‘s Across The Sea, has cooked up a big release that has the Uplifting world buzzing with excitement. And that excitement happens to entail the creative and virtuosic talents of New World & Receptive. While not much is known about Receptive, there is a whole lot that can be said for up and coming Uplifting superstar, New World. An expertly trained Classical violinist, he has translated his deep and diverse teachings into electronic form, entailing some of the most high quality releases in the Trance sphere today. New World has already caused quite a buzz with his upcoming release of Rise Above on Above The Clouds and the combined forces of Receptive, New World and Abora give us the stunningly produced tune, Hope At Dawn. Presented with elegance and ease, it is a fantastic debut on an up and coming label that is sure to be played by Uplifting artists everywhere.

Starting things off right, both Receptive and New World bring a nice contrast between a driving bassline between a delicate guitar line, melting strings and a subtle but essential piano line. The breakdown brings the strings to a high peak, as the complex counterpoint gives way to a beautiful duet between a gentle piano and an expressive guitar underneath lush, thick synth pads. Breaking down our natural defensive barriers, the duo brings forth a heavenly choir and introduces the main melody to great emotional impact. The strings turn more powerful as the main melody is increasingly more melodious and harmonically sound as the energy reaches a high point. Finally, the overflow of energy is released as a myriad of sounds and feelings cascade over the listener as the highly charged string synths and the lovely choir and piano work together to send the listener soaring through the air, showcasing the name to its full intended effect.



Both Receptive and New World utilized unique, unorthodox parts and created a complete package that encompasses all these sounds under one idea, which is hope. Indeed, listening to this tune could give off feelings of perseverance, hope and determination in a whirlwind of emotional power and strength. Already supported by Uplifting legends, Aly & Fila, it has the qualities needed to stand out in an increasingly crowded scene and bring joy to viewers on many a dance floor. Also included in the package is a way cool club rendition by Abora A&R manager, [email protected] and a refreshing ambient (‘chillout’) mix by Magdaleyna. In all, it is an ambitious EP that has many different styles, but for the uplifters, this track is the way to go. Receptive & New World‘s Hope At Dawn will be released on Abora Recordings on February 12th, so make sure you mark your calenders for this great release!

You can pre-order on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hope-at-dawn-part-1-ep/id598640678

Make sure you check out the other releases as well, each are stunning in their own right!

Keep the music alive, Trance fans. -Q