No better way to kick off the month of February than with an incredible episode of the Essential Mix by none other than legendary Eric Prydz. Pryda label owner Eric delivered what will probably be one of the greatest essential mixes of the year, setting the bar high for all upcoming producers and artists. Heavily focusing on delivering content from his own label, Prydz showcased not only his diverse catalogue, but mainly his mesmerizing mixing skills. Follow Eric’s instructions and enjoy!

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix:  Eric Prydz


Pryda – Liam (Original Mix) [Pryda Friends]
Not Mani – Need You (Original Mix) [Unknown]
Tonja Holma – Spanish Delight [Unknown]
Christopher Kah – Evolution 909 (Magnus Froblom Remix) [TheRedHotHell Records]
Cory Lasser – Cypher [Unknown]
Pryda – Snaz (Original Mix) [Pryda Friends]
Pryda – Border Control (Original Mix) [Pryda Friends]
Pryda – Reeperbahn (Chordapella Mix) [Pryda Friends]
Pryda – ID1 [Pryda Friends]
Arpo – Interlude [Unknown]
Pryda – Warrior [Pryda Recordings]
Pryda – ID2 [Pryda Recordings]
Pryda – Games [Pryda Recordings]
Pryda – Rush [Pryda Recordings]
Pryda – Power Drive [Pryda Recordings]
Pryda – Clapham [Pryda Recordings]
Cirez D – Drums In The Deep [Pryda Friends]
Jeremy Olander – Apex
Jeremy Olander – Let Me Feel (Eric Prydz Dub Remix)[Pryda Friends]
Pryda – Rotonda [Pryda Friends]
Jeremy Olander – Rorschach [Cr2 Recordings]
Eric Prydz – Every Day (Interlude Mix)[Pryda Recordings]
Pryda – One Day [Pryda Friends]
Jeremy Olander – Let Me Feel [Pryda Friends]