“Check out this INSAAAANE Clarity remix Brillz made!!!! One of my favorite remixes anyone has EVER done for me!!!!”

              – Zedd

If that quote from Zedd isn’t enough to make you listen to this track then I’ll save you the time and tell you to stop reading this now. This song is a trap BANGER from Brillz, who’s soundcloud account is a gold mine by the way. Certain songs just strike a nerve in your body and this one has to hit the trap nerve in every person who listens to it. If you’re trying to get your friends into trap, then this is the song you play for them. I could send this track to my grandmother and she’d have a Mad Decent hat on the next day, pounding trap beats throughout the house. This beat is unreal and by far my favorite remix, not taking anything away from the other incredible Clarity remixes. Get yourself to a big room with nothing inside it but a solid sound system and blast this tune.