If you’re looking for an excellent selection of house music, InStereo has got you covered. Run by the brilliant DJ Dan, this record company offers a blend of disco, funk, and house music, with each release incorporating an array of awesome samples. Their newest release, “Drop That Bass”, from Gary Caos and Dimo, as well as a featured DJ Dan remix, is hot. The original production is amazing, as Caos and Dimo create a dance floor gem that’s bursting with energy. The sampling is genius and gives that “old-school” feel that we all love about house.

It’s B side features DJ Dan’s remix that is as good as the original with his signature twist. It keeps the groovy  drum beat in the forefront and utilizes a few solid samples to run the rest. Similar to the original, neither uses any instruments besides drums; the rest is all samples! It’s a unique approach that keeps InStereo in a league of its own. Both of these tracks are sure to “make the floors shake” in any club they arrive at, so be sure to show your support and head on over to Beatport to get yourself a copy!

Gary Caos & Dimo – Drop That Bass (Original Mix)

Gary Caos & Dimo – Drop That Bass (DJ Dan Remix)