Nominated for Best Dance/Electronica Album, American artist and producer Kaskade took the time at the Grammys to talk about EDM and the state of the scene. Backstage during the pre-telecasting of the awards, Kaskade said “We’re selling more tickets than any other artists out there”, adding that the Dance awards should be televised in the “prime time”.

Kaskade did follow up by applauding the Grammys for being more open minded and accepting:

“The Grammys have embraced us and are figuring out ways to include us, this year better than ever  […] The categories had some great artists in it and it was representational of what’s happening in my world.”

While some are vocally and adamantly against the recent growth and popularization of the EDM scene, it appears that artists like Kaskade, who have been present throughout the evolution the music and culture, believe EDM is ready for greater and bigger things.

“It’s time for us to move from the Nokia Theatre to the big room”

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Source: Billboard